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1.8692601:07Link MinorE- PYRENEES - Today
1.69108022:30Link MinorE- SPAIN - Yesterday
2.410124300:23Link MinorE- SPAIN - Today
4.710172523:31Link LightE- GREECE - Yesterday
1.91180121:14Link MinorE- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
210180721:35Link MinorE- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
2.316182201:15Link MinorE- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Today
2.34182323:55Link MinorE- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Yesterday
1.830185701:33Link MinorE- STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR - Today
3.331200302:14Link MinorE- WEST OF GIBRALTAR - Today
2.28229202:25Link MinorE- WESTERN TURKEY - Today
2.413246701:03Link MinorE- WESTERN TURKEY - Today
27273700:33Link MinorE- CENTRAL TURKEY - Today
2.37289823:36Link MinorE- EASTERN TURKEY - Yesterday
2.62339921:39Link MinorE- TURKEY-IRAQ BORDER REGION - Yesterday
4.710505522:06Link LightE- EAST OF SEVERNAYA ZEMLYA - Yesterday
2.816716100:14Link MinorE- PUERTO RICO REGION - Today
2.19716800:05Link MinorE- PUERTO RICO REGION - Today
2.610720002:27Link MinorE- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC REGION - Today
2.812726920:54Link MinorE- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Yesterday
2.9136727800:00Link MinorE- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC REGION - Today
3.116760520:57Link MinorE- ASSAM, INDIA - Yesterday
2.24785022:27Link MinorE- OKLAHOMA - Yesterday
21799622:48Link MinorE- PUGET SOUND REGION, WASHINGTON - Yesterday
3.45849321:07Link MinorE- WESTERN TEXAS - Yesterday
3.710860101:43Link MinorE- OFF COAST OF OREGON - Today
212903802:10Link MinorE- BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO - Today
4.230910101:30Link LightE- NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - Today
3.53912200:58Link MinorE- OFF COAST OF COSTA RICA - Today
3.829929823:42Link MinorE- OFFSHORE OAXACA, MEXICO - Yesterday
416937402:37Link LightE- OFF COAST OF CHIAPAS, MEXICO - Today
35942121:31Link MinorE- OAXACA, MEXICO - Yesterday
3.455944423:20Link MinorE- GUERRERO, MEXICO - Yesterday
3.151953221:49Link MinorE- MICHOACAN, MEXICO - Yesterday
3.367954721:07Link MinorE- MICHOACAN, MEXICO - Yesterday
3.27958823:50Link MinorE- COLIMA, MEXICO - Yesterday
2.610976621:43Link MinorE- NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.7141044302:27Link MinorE- SOUTHERN PERU - Today
4.9201050122:44Link LightE- KEP. MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA - Yesterday
61211059503:09Link StrongE- MINDORO, PHILIPPINES - Today
3.43231070403:11Link MinorE- JUJUY, ARGENTINA - Today
3.4101079200:23Link MinorE- JUJUY, ARGENTINA - Today
3.21041160322:41Link MinorE- SAN JUAN, ARGENTINA - Yesterday
31061171321:57Link MinorE- MENDOZA, ARGENTINA - Yesterday
4.51231208523:11Link LightE- HALMAHERA, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.6101210923:20Link MinorE- SOUTH OF JAVA, INDONESIA - Yesterday
3.6111261701:07Link MinorE- SERAM, INDONESIA - Today